Are borders OK to print ?

Borders are OK to print but must be at least 1/4″ wide and we suggest at least .5″ away from the cut line. Please note that if cutting shifts then the border will be spaced apart on the different sizes. Cutting can shift up to 1/16″ on anyway.

 Can i submit the same file for Front and Back?

Yes you can but you will need to rename the other file so there is no confusion.

 Do i need to submit my files Vertical or Horizontal ?

IF you are submitting Vertical files please make sure they both are sent as Vertical. IF you are sending horizontal cards, please send both horizontal. Please rotate canvas’s properly to assure correct printing.

 How do i achieve the Rich Black Color?

We prefer a C 40 M 30 Y 20 K 100

 How do i setup a Silver Metallic Ink file?

You will need a vector file that has the 877C Silver Pantone color where the Silver should go.

 How do i setup a Spot Varnish Gloss file?

You will need a separate file for your spot varnish files. Please make the template the same as the original file. You will place the 100%K Black color where you would like the Spot Varnish to be applied. The rest of the file should have no other colors, besides a white or Transparent background.

 How do i setup Foil Jobs?

You will need to make Separate Foil files for each side that will have foil. The foil file should be white where you want “NO FOIL” and 100%K where you would like the foil applied. Please make sure on your Original artwork files, that you do not have the foil parts where the foil will be applied.

How much of a Bleed do i need?

We recommend at least a 1/8″ or .125″ bleed from the cut line. Example: 3.625 x 2.125. Only Banner Products please make exact size.

 If i do Borders how wide should they be?

We need at least a 1/4″ or .25 border inside from the cut line. This is because sometimes the Cutting can shift up to a 1/16″. The Thicker the Borders the better your chances of having them looking correct.

 Should my .pdf be Flattened or layered?

Please make all .pdf’s Flat before sending.

 Should my files be RGB or CMYK?

Please make all files in CMYK. RGB files we will need to change to CMYK before printing and may change colors slightly.

 What do i need to do to keep my Blue color Blue and not Purple?

Please make sure that your blue color is 30% apart on the Cyan and Magenta.

 What is Spot Varnish?

Spot Varnish is the same thing as Spot UV. Basically you can add Spot UV ( UV Gloss ) wherever you would like on the card. This will make the product stand out and feel slightly more raised.

What is the best Resolution for my Files?

We prefer a 300 DPI file.

 What is the Size of your Round Corners?

We use a 1/4″ or .25″ Round Corners and 1/8″ or .125


Do you Guarantee UPS shipping times?

No. We do not run UPS or FedEx and can not control if there is a mishap on their part. Please select Next Day Delivery for a Guaranteed means of Delivery.

How do i check status or completion of my order?

Please click on your account icon on the Top left of the website, then select my orders.

If i choose Two Round Corners, which corners will be cut?

For horizontal layout business cards the Top Left and Bottom Right will be Cut. For Vertical layout the Top Right and Bottom Left will be cut.


– If i have problem with my order what do i do?
Please send us a email to

Is your Booklet Sizes Finished Size or Flat Size?

Good Question! Finished Size. So you if choose 8.5″ x 5.5″ flat would be 8.5″ x 11″

What are your Turnaround Times?

Turnaround times depend on the product and quantity selected. We do offer Same Day, Next Day,
and other services.


TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Customer/client agrees to pay 100% (Cash, Bank Check, Credit Card) upon start of job. Once artwork is started the customer is liable for the work performed to the job. If customer decides to cancel the job after the artwork/design is performed customer will be refunded the printing charges not artwork/design charges within five business days.

        Customer agrees to sign off on proof of job through email, once the customer agrees on the proof, he or she is responsible/liable for work provided. The customer will receive all files in pdf format. If customer refuses to agree on the proofs he or she is subject to lose their payment which Pogos Designs is not liable for.

        If customer is not satisfied with the job or work performed and they agreed on the final product proofing, they will not be refunded their money but entitled for the job to be re-done at customer/client cost (unless Pogos Designs is at fault) then we would re-do the job at no cost for the customer/client.

        We limit the right to give the client all artwork (pdf, jpeg files only), after six months we are not liable for artwork that was performed.

        Due to our digital/offset printing process of C.M.Y.K. color might look different on your computer screen. Pogos Designs is not responsible for this process.

       Thank you for choosing Pogos Designs.


        Eddie Pogo/President